New Tax Collector

First things first – you’ve won the election, now what…..

Next Steps

You must be complete the Tax Collector Basic Qualification class and exam

prior to taking your Oath of Office in January. This will establish you as a “Qualified tax collector”.  You may sign up for that class here:  Tax Collector Basic Qualification Class and exam


You should register for a unique tax collector ID# with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)

this is how they will track your “Qualified” status. You may register here, using A$tps3B4, as your access code

You must qualify for bond before entering into the duties of your office.

Typically, the taxing districts will initiate bonding which can be done jointly.  Make sure you contact your County, Municipality or school district to determine the process for completion of the bonding application form.

A tax collector bank account should be set up at a bank convenient to you.

The account should be entitled with your name, tax collector, the name of your municipality and school district (if applicable).  They are typically opened as a government funds account.  You are a municipal official and as such should utilize the municipal EIN to open the bank account. You are restricted by statute, to open the account with your social security #.

There are numerous tax collection software programs available to tax collectors.

Evaluate the programs to select one that works best for your collections.  The names of popular computer programs can be obtained from other collectors in your County or through the PSTCA.

Office equipment and software useful for the operation of your tax office:

paid stamp (to include the date received and your name), address stamp, adding machine, fax machine, answering machine, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.


Submit membership for your local tax collectors association and the PA State Tax Collectors’ Association.


Select an individual to be your Deputy tax collector; in the case of incapacitation.

Select an individual to be your Deputy tax collector; in the case of incapacitation. This is mandated by state law and should be done at the beginning of your term. A Deputization form can be printed here.  (Only municipal approval is required)

To be eligible to run for re-election in 2021;

All tax collectors must maintain their Qualified status by completing 2 hours MANDATORY continuing education, PER TERM.  These credits must be completed by the third year of a collectors term.

New Tax Collectors

Are you a new tax collector? Visit this page for the next steps in your new position.

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